DATE: March 16, 2020
TIME: 3:00 pm
LOCATION: 404 E 6th St., Austin, Texas 78701
Balanced Breakfast’s Unofficial SxSW Showcases w/ Music City HF – Austin, TX March 16, 2020

Join Balanced Breakfast for our 2020 showcases, presented by Music City Hit Factory. We will feature prominent bands from San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin and more. Don’t miss any of the excitement at The Jackalope, Austin Java and Still Austin Whiskey Co.


Balanced Breakfast is a multi-city weekly meetup of musicians, music industry professionals, and enthusiasts founded in San Francisco. We are now located in 30+ cities, our goal is to create community in the music industry. For more information please visit:


SPONSORS: Located in South Austin, Kingdom Sound is a family owned boutique sound company. Their team of sound engineers, producers, musicians, and industry professionals can bring all your projects to life. You’ll experience the highest quality of service, professional gear, and industry standards.

The Music City Hit Factory project is a unique network of musician’s services designed to foster creativity and create support within the community while paying homage to San Francisco’s rich musical history. This is a one of a kind mixed-use space that offers music rehearsal studios, affordable hotel and hostel stays, as well as gear rental.


If you have questions or are interested in sponsoring our showcase you can contact us at:

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