Space Giant mashes together every sub-genre and decade of rock music into a brand new groove that you’ve never heard before. Assertive, melodic, and contemplative, they’ll take you on musical journey through dystopian landscapes, atmospheric joyrides, angst-filled garages, and dissonant mountaintops. With Space Giant, what you see is what you get—and what you hear you’ll never forget.

Space Giant formed in the Summer of 2016 when former members of The Sonic Heavy (grunge-inspired blues rock) met up with lead singer, Asha Marathe (New Jersey choirgirl with a classic rock soul). After spending 2017 writing new music, Space Giant launched into the Bay Area music scene.

Asha Marathe


Asha was born and raised a Jersey girl, but you wouldn’t know it since she’s been intentionally and shamelessly addicted to the California Kool-Aid for 8 years running. Being able to sing is everything to Asha—a first love, a pocket Ace, a party trick, a safe space, a baby blankie, an unlimited-dose painkiller, and armor against all the haters. Before joining forces with Tim, Mark, and Kevin, she was a lead vocalist with two Orange County classic rock cover bands, and also celebrates a tenure of over 20 years as a choir-nerd. Armed and ready, this choir-nerd Cali-Jersey rocker will deliver a spot-on performance you won’t want to miss.

Kevin Yoder


After spending 6 years in Hawaii Kevin, decided to move to L.A. Spending a number of years in and out of various bands, playing all over L.A., he decided to pack it up and see what Northern California had to offer. After settling down in San Jose, he started playing in various bands, one of which he spent 16 years with. Not content with playing other peoples music, the search was on for an original hard rock band that fit his style. After a lengthy search he hooked up with Mark and Tim. The rest of the story is yet to be written!!

Mark Jacobs


Born in a who-cares part of the country, Mark cut his teeth on the seedy side of the Hollywood Strip, and bounced around from band to band and project to project like a drunken wayward sailor, Mark infuses neo-retro styles with classic tawdry tones to produce his own style of guitar-playing. Add to that his keen fashion sense and fluency in Latin, and you’ve got yourself the powerhouse virtuoso that you see today….. He also likes long walks on the beach and a well-aged merlot by candlelight.

Tim Leehane


Born and raised in San Francisco, Tim started tinkering with music before he can remember. Things didn’t get serious until high school, when he picked up an electric guitar and discovered how much more fun it was to play loud rock and roll. Ever since, he’s been in pep bands, choirs, punk bands, cover bands, folk groups, and rock bands up and down the West Coast. Tim tends to make everything he touches sound a little poppier, so you can blame him if you can’t get a certain hook out of your head.




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